Risk Terms

  1. I, a prospective purchaser of the assets listed on the Riofin Platform (www.riofin.in), understand that risks involved while transacting on the Riofin Platform are:
  1. Overdue Payment:Delay in payment of the lease/ license fee or sale of the assets
  2. Dispute:Dispute between Riofin, the LLP and the lessee regarding the assets resulting in payment delays or return of assets
  • Bankruptcy:Lessee declaring itself as bankrupt/insolvent or initiation of any insolvency proceedings against the lessee
  1. Fraud Risk:Fraudulent act involving the lessees of the assets leading to failure in payment of lease rent and/or return of the leased asset
  1. I understand that Riofin Invest Advisors Private Limited (“Riofin”) is not a stock exchange, as recognized by the Securities and Exchange Board of India under the Securities Contract (Regulations) Act, 1956. The Riofin Platform is not a fundraising platform. The Riofin Platform only facilitates prospective partners to collaborate and meet with each other in a restricted environment for the purpose of purchasing assets. No securities are offered by any LLP incorporated by the prospective partners through the Platform.
  2. I solely assume all the risks involved in the purchase, sale and management of the assets, and I agree to not hold Riofin responsible for delays, defaults, frauds or other risks in relation to the management of the assets under any circumstances whatsoever.
  3. I acknowledge and understand that Riofin has not underwritten nor does Riofin guarantee the performance of the obligations by the lessee of the assets; and has not promised any assured returns or provided any security / undertakings to me pertaining to any asset listed on the Riofin Platform.

Hence, a final decision to purchase this asset jointly with the other partners is mine and I understand all risks mentioned above.