How to Invest

Step:1 Registration

Step:2 KYC Verfication

Step:3 Choosing currently available investment opportunities

Step:4 Funding the projects via payment gateway

Step:5 Purchasing Assets

Step:6 Leasing machinery to MSME's /
Purchasing Commercial (or) Retail Property

Step:7 Sharing lease rental / profits from Real-Estate

Process & Regulations

Enjoy a fully online investment experience with deal discovery, payments, KYC, documentation and portfolio management done securely  with the best-in-class partners. The investment made by you and your co-investors to purchase an asset is via a Limited Liability Partnership or LLP. To avoid any confusion, each set of assets is held in a separate LLP and each LLP only has one leasing partner/lessee. The process of formation as well as the operation of the LLP is governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 as set out by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Tax Benefits

Under the Income Tax Act, the following are acceptable tax deductions that can be recorded against lease income.

Depreciation: The Income Tax Act specifies different depreciation rates for different assets based on their useful life

Input tax credit: GST paid on purchase of the asset can be claimed as an input tax credit and set-off against GST paid on lease income

The LLP set-up for each investment is able to claim the tax deduction from depreciation and the input tax credit for each lease.