• What is the authenticity of RIOFIN?

    RIOFIN's leasing structure falls under the purview of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, currently, more than 200+ unique investors have already invested with our track record of 100% on time-payment. 

  • Does RIOFIN charge any fee?

    We charge a total of 2.5% management fee on every repayment you receive, 1.5% towards expenses related to management of the SPV and 1.0% for our fees. The investment options listings are always shown post deduction of this fee. We do not take an upfront fee on the invested amount. Our fee is only on the income earned from the asset. 

  • How does a property get listed in RIOFIN?

    RIOFIN follows a rigorous regime of due diligence, financial modelling, extensive data mining and market analysis to shortlist the best assets for investors.

  • How does RIOFIN keep my personal information secure?

    The security of our platform and privacy of all your data is our utmost priority. RIOFIN’s platform is built keeping the best-in-class security and privacy features in mind.

    All your data is hosted on secure cloud networks and all sensitive client data is encrypted and stored with 256 bit SHA encryption. Also, RIOFIN will never share your data with any third party. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy.

  • How can NRIs invest through RIOFIN?

    NRI investors can only invest through an NRO or NRE Account or from a normal savings bank account in India, however, your interest distributions and sale proceeds will be credited to your NRO account from where you can transfer it to your NRE account. Please speak to your banker for a more detailed understanding of your specific requirements

  • How long does RIOFIN Hold these investments for?

    Generally, a commercial real estate asset will require 3-5 years to appreciate. While an early exit is possible through our liquidity options, this could adversely affect the total return on your investment.

    Investors can choose to sell investments (after an initial 6 month lock-in period) through RIOFIN’s Resale Market

  • Is portfolio diversification possible through RIOFIN?

    Yes, RIOFIN allows investors to diversify their portfolio by offering investor-friendly deals and custom product solutions. Flexible tenure, and ticket sizes provide our investors with an easy choice for investment portfolio diversification.

  • General FAQ's

  • What is an SPV?

    A Special Purpose Vehicle is an entity incorporated/created under the law, being a Partnership firm, LLP, a private company, etc., for a specific lawful purpose. Any investment opportunity listed on the RIOFIN platform will be owned by an SPV being a limited liability company  LLP set up for this specific purpose.

  • How are my repayments secured?

    We make sure that we have securities such as security deposits or post-dated cheques at the time of the investing into the assets.

    Additionally, we have the ability to reclaim assets for selling or re-leasing. However, investors must note that while we have these safeguards in place, it does not guarantee 100% returns in case the Leasing partner does not fulfill the payment obligations.


  • How does a property get listed in RIOFIN?

    You can track and monitor your investments through RIOFIN’s user-friendly dashboard. We will also send you information regarding your investments on a periodic basis. Our support team is always available if you require further assistance.

  • How is IRR different from ROI?

    ROI is absolute growth on investment over the investment period without considering time value of money.IRR is effective annual return considering value of money.You can read more about IRR in our Blog

  • When is my investment process Complete?

    Your investment is completed as soon as the opportunity is fully funded and private placement of your investment is done in the SPV that shall acquire the asset listed. RIOFIN generally has a time frame of 60 days to ensure that the property receives complete funding

  • What is the investment idea?

    Once your account is KYC verified, you can invest in any opportunity listed on our platform. You'll need to e-sign a binding Expression of Interest and transfer the initial token advance of your investment amount to your virtual account to block your investment. This virtual account is linked to an escrow account where funds from investors shall be parked until deployment for acquisition of the proposed asset. Once 100% commitment is received from interested investors, the opportunity is said to be fully funded. You will be required to transfer the remaining amount into your virtual account. Your investment amount will then be routed through the escrow mechanisms in place to the share subscription accounts and ultimately to the current account of the SPV account and the SPV will proceed to purchase the property You will receive all necessary property and SPV related documents for your perusal and scrutiny.

  • What are the documents that NRI needs to submit for KYC?

    All the standard documents that are needed to register as an investor, along with an NRE or NRO account number from a savings bank account in India.

  • Can I Invest in more than one asset?

    Yes, you can invest in any number of assets. Diversification is always an advisable investment strategy and by offering you the ability to make smaller investments we encourage you to invest in more than one asset.

    Keep an eye for Combo Deals which consist of multiple assets

  • Real-Estate FAQ's

  • What is the selection criteria for the assets?

    Our selection criteria include factors like property value, growth potential, clear title, legal compliance, regulatory compliance, risks factors, etc. However, investors are invited to perform their own due diligence, before making any decision, since every investment decision is prone to some inherent risk factors.

  • What is fractional real estate investment?

    Fractional ownership in real estate describes an investment process wherein a number of investors join together to invest in a real estate asset so that all of them can benefit from a share of the income that the asset generates and any appreciation in the value of the property.

    #Are investors allowed to see the lease related agreements?

    Yes. The investors can view all the asset-related documents including the Lease/Rental/Tenancy Agreement/ Deed or Leave & License Agreement uploaded on the investor’s respective dashboards

  • What returns do investors get?

    Investors enjoy regular returns, or capital appreciation, or both as mentioned during the investment. The frequency of the returns pay-out i.e., monthly or quarterly are also decided prior to the investment

  • What kind of propertiesare available on RIOFIN?

    RIOFIN offers different kinds of Real Estate Assets like Residential, Commercial. Assets that were previously only accessible to institutional owners are now easily accessible to all potential investors through RIOFIN.

  • How to track the growth of the investment property?

    Our exclusive investor portal can be used for tracking the investment, checking regular updates, accessing transactional info, property documents etc. Depending on the product offering investors have chosen, they can contact the asset manager assigned, for any additional queries.


  • What types of returns can I expect?

    The returns vary from product to product, typically starting from 12% per annum. The expected IRR and yield will be disclosed prior to investment only to avoid any inconvenience.

  • How does RIOFIN shortlist properties?

    ur team examines various metrics like yield, location, quality of asset, scope of capital appreciation, micro and macro market indicators, legality of title and earning potential. We rely on the extensive experience of our team to grab the best deals available.